Vac/Sweeper by Harper

Maneuverable and versatile, the TV60 RHD is the ideal tool for verti-cutting and vacuuming in one pass. Thoroughly removes litter, grass and leaves from sports fields, parks and recreational grounds with the adaptable 60 inch swath. The Recirculating Air System additionally runs cleaner and quieter than competitors in the market. Never leave the driver’s seat with the wireless remote at your fingertips. Complete the package with optional brush and hose kits.

Dust circulation

Our patented Recirculating Air System makes our vacuums the cleanest on the market. Period.


PTO powered, this tow-behind vacuum is driven by a 40HP minimum tractor.


Hydraulic lift and dump can hold up to 7 cubic yards of debris.


The wireless remote gives you the freedom to start, control and dump the hopper without stopping your tow vehicle.

Versatile Application

Innovative turf rotors designed to save time and money for thatch removal, seeding and more on a variety of surfaces.

Verti-cut Rotor - Ideal for dense turf varieties of cool and warm season turf grasses to improve growing conditions.

Brush Rotor - Remove sand, grass clippings, thatch and trash, leaving behind a perfectly groomed appearance.

Rubber Finger Rotor - Overlapping finger reels sweep the surface clean, removing leaves and debris from fine turf areas.

Safety Features Safety latches on all cylinders for service functions, minimal dust generated and quiet operation.
Blower Drive Hydraulic motor powered by gear dump
Blower Fan 25" diameter abrasion resistant steel with replaceable machined UHMW, poly liner and 1.5" shaft w/self-aligned bearings supporting both ends
Blower Discharge Easy access to blower for liner inspection and replacement
Engine None (PTO powered) 40 HP Required
Hydraulics Tractor PTO driven
Hydraulic Oil Crown AW46; ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil
Main Frame 11 gauge welded and reinforced steel tubing
Bearings Greasable bearings and sealed bearings
Hopper Capacity 7 cubic yards
Wheels / Tires 6-bolt wheels and (2) 26x12 turf tires
Controls Wireless remote control from operator seat
Rotors 12" dia. x 60" with adjustable gauge wheels
Discharge Hydraulic dump with hydraulic power latches
Tongue and Hitch Adjustable height tongue with ball hitch
Paint Durable 2-part polyurethane
Dimensions 164" L x 85" W x 85" H
Weight 2,250 lbs. (1,021 kg)
Options Brush rotor, rubber finger rotor, verti-cut with rubber finger rotor, verti-cut with carbide tip blades